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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Echo For Me

Today was my first free day in quite a while - no article to be hurriedly written and rushed out, no research to be quickly compiled. It was a much needed break. I was planning to get tomorrow's work started today to set a route of general calmness, but didn't quite happen. I was also planning to sort out the mess that is my room and put up my new posters (requires a lot of shifting and climbing and searching for suitable adhesives) but that didn't happen either.

I'm enjoying Bowie in my satin sheets too much.

I have decided to give Echo & The Bunnymen a miss (due to lack of funds) and it sadly makes me feel all grown up. Who'd have though I could be foresightful enough to not spend money that's hypothetically mine but not in the bank yet?

That being said, if it was a band on my must-watch list, I'd sell everything. Myself even. And that wouldn't even be my last resort.

The year so far has been a year full of gigs - YYYs, Green Day, Muse(and Rise Against), and who knows what next. The irony is, I could get paid for any, or even several, of the projects I've been working on anytime. Knowing life and the way it goes, I bet 1 hour after the concert starts, 9pm tomorrow, I get a call saying I've just been paid for project so & so. I just know it.

What's even worse is, I joined TWO contests to try and get free tickets. One was a general lucky draw type thing which I wasn't at all hopeful about, the other was to submit your favourite E&Bunnymen song, and why, and tell it well! Done, I thought to myself.

Below I have posted what I submitted. I strongly believe that the tickets were kept for the organisers, or given to friends.

My favourite song by Echo & the Bunnymen is All My Life from their self-titled album.
Several reasons:

It's the perfect song when you're happy, it's the perfect song when you're sad - both in terms of the music and the lyrics. That level of versatility is something I appreciate and believe to be rare, so this one stands out as something really special to me. It's also an epic ending to the album.

2. The verse that goes:

Cannon fire burning
on the hillside
You and I are side by side
Tin soldiers playing our tune

Makes me think about war, makes me think about love - the flowers by the hillside are purple.
Terrifyingly beautiful in such simple words.
Personally, it makes me want to create something as pure and simple as this.
I'm a writer and this verse alone makes me want to be a better, more giving writer. It makes me want to write so people know exactly what colour the flowers are, without me even mentioning the flowers.

I like finding connections between me and the music I listen to (e.g. The Clash's London Calling was released in Dec. 14 1979 in the UK, I was born on the very same day 8 years later)

This album was released in 1987, the year I was born. I like to hear the songs and imagine how as they were being written, recorded, produced, I was, at the very same time, also being created and prepared for the world. Romanticising? Definitely. But still entirely true.

With bated breath and crossed fingers,

And they said I won the 2nd prize of... a cd. Awesome, while you enjoy your unearned tickets tomorrow, I shall stay home and listen to CDs.

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