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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Just Like That

So I spent the day at the Esplanade writing and researching, before getting a night-changing email at 6pm. Basically, if all went according to plan, Echo & The Bunnymen was within my reach! Coincidentally, they'd be playing at the Esplanade in 2 hours.

After much deliberation and an attempt at financial planning (think along the lines of primary school maths sums) I decided I MUST go. Surely it was a sign and divine intervention of sorts that I received this news before the show, and not, as I anticipated, after or during. So I went to buy a ticket and decided to get the cheapest one for $68. It's 3 floors up, but right in the centre and a pretty good view. But still too far away.

And then things got even better. When sadly making my way to Circle 3 watching others embark to lower levels, wondering if I should've gotten a better seat, I was informed that as the tickets didn't sell out, I was being reseated to the first level. Also because I was alone and could be easily slotted anywhere, as compared to groups of people who wanted to stick together. Score! (with all gratitude to the post-punk deprived masses). Saved $20 bucks plus had the joy of sitting amidst others who paid more than me but got the same spot.

Echo & the Bunnymen were awesome, first thing I loved was the Manchester accent. I could listen to Ian McCulloch speak all day. Didn't have a clue what he was on about at some points, but it was lovely to hear anyway.

The crowd was made up mainly of expats, and it was just like when I saw David Byrne. Just me amidst all these much older, rich people. Everyone was seated which was really annoying me, but I was quite happy to dance by myself. Eventually everyone got up and Ian said, in his awesome accent, "that's better!" It really was.

They played a pretty ace setlist - Rescue, Bedbugs and Ballyhoo, Lips Like Sugar and Think I Need It Too (new album) were my favourites. Ian's voice is one of the best things I've ever heard; surely comes from lips like sugar, sugar kisses. The band was insane too. I'm so glad I went. =)

Must have forgotten something
How to forget how to be true
Covered myself in numb things
Don't touch me, and I won't touch you
Try to remember something
Why am I here and who are you?
You must have meant something
Animals came in two by two

Whatever you want
Whatever you need
I think I need it too

<3 <3 <3

If I wrote everytime I had to, I'd have gone through a lot more notebooks by now.

The tears she could conceal. But she hoped - and she hoped as silently as she could - that he wouldn't hear the echoed shatter of her heart. She needed to hide the truth. She needed him to think it was perfect.

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  1. That's awesome. I love going to shows alone. =) Never had the re-seating situation though. Well, not with out having to slip someone a few extra $$. Good Sh!z.