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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Music: Ecstasy, Let Go, Snobbery

Back to Home club, as has become the Friday night norm.
And what's not to love:
Joy Division, The Clash, Blur, Kaiser Chiefs, The Sunshine Underground, Bloc Party, Muse, it goes on.
It really is like MY playlist, and I love it.

Oh and they played Rock & Roll Queen by The Subways and I can remember exactly how it was. Tokyo, Summersonic, 9 August 2008 and the crowd goes mental when the band screams, Tokyo SO ROCK AND ROLL! Goosebumps just thinking about it - makes me realise with the exorbitant amount of money I've spent on gigs over the years, I wouldn't trade those experiences for anything in the world. Not one of them. Even accidentally seeing One Republic (they're worse live) while waiting for The Subways is now a funny story, repeatedly retold and remembered.

So back to last night:

Every time you think they can't spin a better song, they do.
But I requested Joy Division just in case.
Where else can you seriously dance like no one's watching/no tomorrow/etc. with a roomful of like-minded people? Only Home =)
It was completely exhausting after a couple of hours but we just couldn't stop!

Speaking of like-minded people, there were some who really didn't look like they should've been there - first a group of the older variety who looked rather out of place and office-y. It made Shila and I quite upset at the thought that we might be them someday - too stiff to party but still trying, that is. We consoled ourselves with thoughts of our own places = house parties. Besides, age has nothing to do with how you live life, or don't.

Then there was another strange lot who made me feel quite old. All 19 at most, they wore caps sideways and oversized (and obviously new) sneakers. I thought that was the 90s but perhaps I'm just out of touch with the current fashion. Anyway that was the boys, the girls had shiny tube dresses and heels and the sort of thing we Home folk are unaccustomed to seeing.

Sheelz had the brilliant idea of going up to them and regretfully telling them there would be no Lady Gaga played here tonight and that they best run along to Zirca. But we decided to just let them be. It was a good plan though.

Love Will Tear Us Apart comes on (at my request) and I think about how it's probably the only JD song most people know. And it's far from their best, it's just more accessible. That being said, every word in that song means the world to me (and you know it, Ian).

Or like Should I Stay or Should I Go, probably the only Clash song most know. Or maybe Rock the Casbah. Possibly London Calling.

But then the epic opening riffs of Bloc Party's Helicopter come on and the crowd goes wild. There's something surreal about a bunch of kids who don't belong at the glamorous megaclubs just down the road moshing their pants of to the words of, are you hoping for a miracle?

Why can't you be more European
Bastard child of guilt and shame
Bury your head in the sand

Are you hoping for a miracle?

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