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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Brighter Days Ahead

So as of today, I have a smashing new haircut and two new jobs that I can't wait to get started on. Oh, the possibilities are infinite!

As usual, Kelly had her own ideas about what to do with my hair, and what I ended up with is nothing like what I wanted. As usual, it's much better/cooler/stranger than what I wanted. Kelly is awesome.

I was stopped by a lady who was trying to get donations for Singapore Heart Foundation. I listened to her story for awhile. But then she tried to make me feel guilty about all the people who can't support their families on $900 a month and are dying and starving and all.
Omg, don't bring on the guilt please.
- Only $900 a month....
That's more than me.
- But you don't have children.
How do you know?
- Come on, I'm sure $40 a month is nothing to you. I'm sure you can.
Are you sure? Because I'm not sure. Are you really sure?
- $40 a month is nothing.
It's certainly not nothing to me. Sometimes I don't have enough money to take the bus.

She should know that she lost me when the guilt-tripping began. Give me facts and objectivity, I'll give you money if I can. Give me guilt and I'll mess with you for the hell of it. Simple as that. Pity, it seemed like a good cause. I got the website so I can donate independently, but not through her.

Now me and my new haircut are heading off to meet Sheelz, it's been so long!

And today I met Di for her lunch break. We looked at overpriced makeup.

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  1. Hope you had a great time.It was good keeping track on your blog.love U. Brian.