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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Day 10 - on the road

Leaving for Pattani soon, it will be a 16 hour bus ride including stops for dinner and breakfast. It's supposedly a really nice sleeper bus and I'm actually looking forward to it, although I do wish it was a train instead. I love trains.

Am rather exasperated with myself for 1. forgetting my hoodie 2. forgetting to buy one from Bangkok City yesterday. I saw so many nice ones. These buses get really cold, and it'll be overnight. Woe is me.

Pattani is a beach area on the boarder of Malaysia, it's name is derived from Pantai Ini ('this beach' in Malay). Most people there speak Malay so my bilingual skills shall be put to the test. I'm also annoyed at forgetting my swimming stuff but I'm sure there will be some on sale there. I hope there's diving because we have a free day and I can't imagine a better way of spending it that getting reacquainted with my underwater friends.

Heading off to the bus terminal soon and will leave at 5pm. My Thai sim card won't work there (for 'security reasons', which worries me a bit) and I have to get a new one there. Farewell, internet, for many hours. Starting... now.

My journey (can you tell I'm in a rush?):
Bangkok to Pattani, Malaysia and Singapore down South!

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