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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Day 16 - Of conversations and Calamity

The group report is... really something. I'm not quite sure what to say.
At least some of us had a few laughs. It's about conflicts but there's one paragraph on conflict. And it just says, there are no conflicts.

Last night was another secret riverside party. We're just living in the dorms but at times it really does feel like we're uni students. Our numbers are growing, wayward friends slowly stream in as the party livens up. I think some of the boys aren't used to girls hanging out with them and doing 'boy things'. I assured them that my ability to open bottles with my teeth was merely a matter of physics, not strength, and pleaded with them not to insist on trying it if they didn't know how. They'd quite likely remove more than the bottle cap. Some are surprised by my solo travelling too. These are all unfamiliar, but appreciated, by them. I'm a novelty.

Today we're moving to a nearby hostel for the remaining time here. We're going to a night market.

I wrote a poem for our group's reflection. I tried to keep it simple. I read it aloud earlier but I didn't say it was mine. It's still untitled.

Let us lay down our arms,
Free our hands to plant the trees.
If you're going after honey,
Don't go killing all the bees.
Channel rage into peace,
Wash away the red for green.
Break the glass. Speak the truth.
Brothers and sisters instead of troops.
Erase the lines, our arms we extend;
This broken world is in our hands.


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