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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Day 19 - so terribly hungry (but still vegan with a vengeance)

Last night I didn't have dinner because I was busy sulking about the group's dismissal of my part. This morning I missed breakfast because I woke up late. I just don't like this whole be-downstairs-at-8am rule and everyone hops onto the bus and goes for breakfast. It annoys me how we're treated like kids sometimes, and it must be much worse for the Doctors and all.

Up until then it was no one's fault but mine. So, I was waiting for lunch and didn't care that all I had to eat was some sweet&sour pineapple/cucumber thing. I was about to start when I found an intruder on my plate. And then another. And then another. I inquired in the kitchen and was told, after some nervous looks and lots of discussion in Thai, that it was a type of large onion. This large onion looked mysteriously like chicken fat. But okay, benefit of the doubt and all, maybe Thai onions are different.

Further investigations revealed another impostor. And I was sure as hell it was chicken meat. I even checked with the others. I gave it back to kitchen (gave, not threw, although I wanted to) and they looked very sorry for themselves. One might assume that as they are people of a religion that also has important dietary restrictions, they would be sensitive to such things. One would be very wrong.

The last thing I ate was rice and carrots for an early lunch yesterday. And you might know how I feel about carrots.
Since then, I haven't eaten in 29 hours and counting.
There really isn't a way to get out of here at this point.

Presentation is finally over.
Ragini and I have plans to give the dinner provided a miss and head out somewhere nice instead. I quite literally cannot wait.

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