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Friday, March 12, 2010

Day 20 - The Haunting & The Boycott

The Haunting
My hotel room is haunted. I swear to God it is.
The other day when I was reading on my bed, I saw something on the TV (which was off). A shadow moving around. And it wasn't a split second 'did I see something?' situation, it was me, fully conscious, looking at the black screen and wondering what the hell it was. There was nothing in the room that could have caused a reflection; I checked and all.

And then last night after returning from another secret party at the pub down the road, I was just settling into bed when there was a bizarre rapping on the door. I hopped out of bed to see which of the boys was being silly and annoying me at this hour. On my way to the door I realised the knocking was so absurdly fast that only a super-skilled drummer could have done it with his/her hands. I also realised that as silly as they can be, they wouldn't knock so loudly on my door, knowing that it's not just me in the room.

I courageously investigated outside. No one. *Outer Limits theme song* I swear, it's haunted. But I'm not scared like I would have been in my younger years. I'm all grown up now.

The Boycott
I have the most insane urge to cook Scrambled Tofu once I get home. For breakfast. And then some pasta for lunch. I have decided to stage a peaceful protest in the form of a boycott. I'm making a stand on double standards for the religious/cultural beliefs of others. It isn't fair that the religion of the majority is respected more than my beliefs.

So today is Day 2 of my boycott. Last night I had a whole plate of noodles for 25baht ($1). Today I had breakfast near the hotel (left)and instant noodles for lunch. Had a hard time finding something vegan but I managed to in the end. I brought it up with two of the organisers who defended everything saying it happens sometimes that someone cooking vegetables may suddenly find chicken in the pan. I'm sure, y'know. They did say sorry though. But there are points to be made and I shall make them.

It might seem like the gracious, peaceful thing to do, to be the bigger person and let it go and be silent and forgiving. But the way I see it, doing that only improves one thing - yourself. The issue is not addressed and the system/mindset remains the same. At the end of the day I want to look back and know that I made improvements to lives other than my own. Or at the very least, to know that I damn well tried.

Pictures, finally.

Fraternising with the enemy:
A colonel who heads South Thailand and a rare Thai female General.

Me & my new Thai friend, Tai.

More friends from Cambodia here.

Selling peanuts and stuff.

A very detailed sign.

Kids doing Dikir Barat.

I had a good seat during lecture before I got blocked.

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