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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Day 21 - Last Day

I'm leaving tomorrow but some are leaving today as they have to head back to Bangkok and the journey takes 16 hours. I'm sad it's over but really looking forward to going home as well. Travel in a group or just not travel? I can't decide.

Last night I was called a baby. I didn't do anything to deserve this, just that they came up with the idea that I couldn't be left alone. The boys came along and the baby was "handed over".

I am younger, but am I inexperienced?
I am less qualified, but am I less intelligent?
I live in safe Singapore, but am I not well-travelled?

Last night was the cultural night, it was wonderful. I loved seeing the dances and presentations, especially Afghanistan, Kyrgyzstan, Indonesia and Nepal. I didn't have a song or dance but shared about our multicultural society and showed some pictures of my different groups of friends. It's really something: in my various groups of friends, we've got Chinese, Malay, Indian, Others, and then there's Catholic, Christian, Muslim, Baha'i, Buddhist, non-religious, atheist. Maybe I need a Hindu friend.

And then I showed a video I found on youtube which was a good representation for the most part. I pointed out parts that were unrealistic. I think they liked it.





Nasier and Me.

Radha, my Nepalese vego friend =)

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