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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Home, at last

The bus ride was NOT 12 hours. It wasn't 14 hours either. It was almost 20 hours. It really was. Fortunately I had a single seat to myself and several stops along the way for dinner and toilet breaks.

A handsome Malaysian boy who I'd been chatting with tried to kiss me just before he disembarked in KL. Needless to say, this took me by surprise. Thank god for my Spiderman reflexes.

Catching up on sleep and proper food, more stories are on the way.
You know me, I never run out of stories/things to talk about.

And now my last.fm charts will soon be back in order.

Have to go and collect my Uni academic transcripts now. I just found out if I'd returned home a day later, they'd have thrown them away and I'd never get them. So not cool.

But it's good that I got home when I did. Within hours of getting home I got an update that 3 grenades had been fired in Bangkok. The Red Shirts are now collecting blood to throw on Government offices - 1000 liters is the target. More here.

And I thought they said it was going to be peaceful.

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