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Monday, March 29, 2010

I'm down with madness (and other allergies)

I love Opshop, I really do.
Band from New Zealand - their music isn't what I'd usually listen to but dammit, it's good. Listen HERE. Plus I hung out with them during the festival, as well as tonight after their gig at East Coast, and now we're all BFF. Too bad I can't get my favourite track from them until August at least, when their new album comes out. According to them, even their wives can't get it. Don't these men understand the concept of groupies? Pfft.

I'd say they're so much better live, though. And that's always a good thing.

It's the end of Sunday and in this weekend alone, I have gathered many new friends, new music to listen to, respect and appreciation for bands I didn't previously know, No.3 for my list of things I know about New Zealand (1. Flight of the Conchords 2. All Blacks Haka Rugby thing and now, 3. Opshop), new contacts - international ones - and lots more.

It's been a good week. But oh, so tired.

Opshop in action.

Jason tries to kill me, but I know he loves me.

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