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Monday, April 5, 2010

After-Easter Effects

Easter weekend was eventful. My favourite part is always the egg hunt we have for the kids. Weather was not so hot but the hunt was, as always, a resounding success.

Funny quote of the weekend:

My aunt (as she dropped something):
Oh, Jesus!
Me: Is Risen!
Noelle: Hallelujah!

HAHAHA. Happy Easter, everyone.

Went for a forum on the Myanmar elections this morning, it was at the Institute of South East Asian Studies at NUS. It's sad, bizarre and interesting, how the military government is justified by some. Have we really reached such a state that we forsake freedom for alleged 'social stability'? The same goes for how some were afraid to take the flyers Seelan handed out after the forum. It's a piece of paper - it's not taking part in a protest.

At Ministry of Food, Raffles City, getting lots of work done and enjoying the It's going to rain! Oh no it's not. Oh wait, it is! weather.

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