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Monday, April 19, 2010

And as the rain fell, so did she.

She was walking home only because the rain had let up slightly.
Halfway through and with nowhere to hide, it began to pour; one step short of running, she felt as grey as the damned weather.

The rejected rain, in conspiracy with gravity, pushed a lock of hair into her face. Forgoing the satisfaction of annoyance, she instinctively caught it in her mouth, like she always would as a child, and fed herself with raindrops delivered straight to her lips.

Such a familiar taste, such a familiar everything, although it really had been years!

Overwhelmed with nostalgia, reminded of a time she'd all but forgotten, and at last transported to this faraway place, she stopped her resentful journey. Instead, she made a wish.

She wished on every drop of rain that she'd never again forget to fall in love with a storm.

And then she walked home as slowly as she could, pretending that home was a million miles away.

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  1. From the heart, so real and so true. ......and then I heard the gate, and beheld a drenched Rett in need of a towel.