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Friday, April 2, 2010

April: For Fools and Lovers

It's April already - that's bizarre. It was just Christmas.

Two thing I've been thinking about. Well, two of many things.

1. How a series of small things add up to potentially life-changing outcomes.

If I'd stood anywhere else, if I'd asked anyone else, if I'd been delayed 30 seconds at any point of the day, I wouldn't know you. I wouldn't know anything about you - makes me wonder what I'd have spent all this time thinking about.

Everything else might have been the same - but what would I be thinking about?

2. People who stick in your mind, and will probably never know.

Every now and then I think about this guy I met when I was in New York, I may have mentioned him before. He was cute. I was eighteen. He was always with his friends across the street from where we were staying. In The Bowery - Joey Ramone's walked there before. But anyway.

I didn't think much of this guy, he didn't seem to have any purpose except roaming the streets with his friends. And one day we talked. And we talked and talked. He talked about books and the world, beauty and people, and he knew what he was talking about. I hid my guilt for not thinking much of him. And of course being a young naive thing, it was amazingly flattering to see that he was interested.

Then he asked how old I was. I said 19, I was lying. He jumped 3 feet back and said that I was just a baby. He invited me to a party. I was going to go, but his friends scared me. Before we parted, he told me: Watch out for yourself. It's a crazy world, baby girl. And I thought it was the prettiest thing I'd ever heard.

5 years later I still think about it. And he doesn't have a damn clue.


Last night we went to Prince of Wales - good times. But perhaps there are no more to be had since Alex has left. Seth's going back to the US and last night was Dorian Roach's last gig, possibly ever. Seth may have another with his other band before he goes.

Seth and I. He's still apologising for his drunken asshole-ness six months ago, the silly boy.

Too long since I've seen them =)

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