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Thursday, April 29, 2010

A bite of Peaches

Last night was PEACHES! I thought I was going to be alone but Thomas, and later Casandra and Fir, found me. Peaches came on at about 10pm - the crowd had picked up by then, I was getting worried!

I have to say, this was by far the most involved I've ever been at a gig. She walked on us. Literally, we held our hands up and she walked all over us in those boots that were made for walking. That's just what she did. Crowd surfed a few times too. And I was right in front, in the thick of the action.

She also popped a bottle of champagne, I was one of the lucky ones who got some poured right into my mouth, BY PEACHES, and all over me. Peaches also pretended to fall, and while hot Sound Guy was attending to her, she sneakily poured a vial of something into her mouth - she then proceeded to spew fake blood onto the audience. I was covered in blood from Peaches' mouth. Covered in champagne and blood, it was the best moment of my life.

It was funny because after it was over and I was in the toilet, girls who were there to club and not for Peaches thought I really was bleeding. I was fussed over by many young girls.

Several wardrobe changes, all better than the previous. Oh, best part, there was a massive fight between two guys and she stop singing halfway, saying, "I can't sing when this is going on, what's happening?" Security dragged their asses out within 10 seconds and she continued her song. <3 <3 <3

Songs were brilliant, she's just so THERE. F the pain away was epic, so was Boys Wanna Be Her, which makes me think of Shane McCutcheon from The L Word.

After the show, made some random friends in the club (my first time in Zirca, last I was there it was Ministry of Sound) before heading to Home for the afterpartayyy. I was terribly sad thinking she wasn't turning up, but she finally appears at 1am, recognising me as the girl into whose mouth champagne was delivered.

Waited for the crowd to clear while I and some other new friends danced the night away. Secured my free entry every Friday at Home, finally, took pictures with Peaches (and she took some of me!) danced with her and forgot Interpol guy's name.

Party ends at 3am. The kind of night you never forget.

Rocking out on guitar

Shedding light on things too often kept in the dark

Me & Peaches

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