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Thursday, April 8, 2010

bosses, labels? We're bigger than that.

So yesterday was my first restaurant review.
It was a 5-course meal (4 for me because the 4th was fish/steak) and they were more than happy to prepare vego variations for me, except for said 4th course.

I also discovered truffle, I think it was a first for me. I'm still not sure what it is. I only know that they come from the ground and you need a special pig to dig it up.

Reviews are fun, I got lots of expensive food for free and some Italian sparkling wine and a glass of house red. I requested the red wine because, I mean, how can you possibly review Italian food without wine? That's blasphemy, that is.

Two more today, two hours apart and I have no idea how I'll do it. One yesterday was bad enough. It's not an easy life, y'know, being forced to be wined and fine-dined all the time.

On a more serious note, I received my cheque for the 12 days of March that I was working. It's not as much as it should be. Well my total pay is nowhere near what it should be, but this is even less, and I haven't a clue how to fix this. I've never asked for a raise before, or questioned whether I was paid the right amount. Yikes.

On a completely separate note, I love Amanda Palmer. If there was anyone in the world I could be, it would be her. I know I've said this before but this time I really mean it. AFP, I want (to be) you.

After breaking free from her record label, her new song is available for free download (just enter $0 when they ask for your price, unless you are inclined to donate some, which will go to her) here:

The Truth... | Amanda Palmer

Amanda celebrating freedom from the label, after years of legal battle:

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