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Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Just submitted a proposal for an article - it's for a magazine I haven't written for before and it's quite a big deal. Fingers crossed that they love my proposal as much as I do. I really do.

I've recently discovered GivesMeHope, the response to FML. Its slogan is even: GMH. Like FML. But for optimists.

It's such a beautiful site, the response it's getting is amazing. It's easy to see how your whole perspective can be changed by reading this site after just a few posts. Some of my favourites (the last two are too sweet!):

When I was 16, I tried to commit suicide, by jumping off a bridge into the river.
Tomorrow, I'll say "I do." to the man who risked his own life pulling me out.
Having another shot at life, and love GMH.


To the girl at the gym who said she wouldn't get a prom date because she was too "fat": My friends and I were lifting weights nearby to try to impress you. Don't ever think that all guys see is your weight. We thought you were gorgeous.
The fact that you will realize that one day GMH.


Last night, over the phone, my friend told me he was considering suicide. I didn't know what else to do, so I sent him the link to GMH. He texted me this morning saying that he stayed up all night reading every post, and that he could never leave a world that contained such beauty. GMH GMH.


When my sister was younger she came home from school one day and demanded I take her to the library so she could get books on sign language.
I asked why? She told me there was a new kid at school who was deaf and she wanted to befriend him.
Today I stood beside her at their wedding watching her sign "I DO". GMH


My dad would always start out conversations with''Do you have a girlfriend yet?''
After laughing and saying no hundreds of times I finally found the courage to tell him I was gay. After a long silence and a stressed out face or two, he calmly said, "Oh. Well.... Do you have a boyfriend yet?"
His fair love GMH.


A long time ago, I was on the verge of committing suicide when a guy came to the roof to have lunch. He saw me climbing over the railing and asked me to share his lunch with him. After receiving my puzzled look, he explained, "everyone should die happy. or at least with a full stomach." We celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary last month. GMH.


I'm 16 and am about to have a baby. I work a minimum wage job with about 15 other people who are just barely making it. My boss told me that me being pregnant was making him look bad and that I need to quit. I did. So did everyone else working there. GMH.


22 years ago, a 16 year old girl was pregnant with a baby of rape.
Understanding the circumstances, her parents told her to abort or be disowned.
Her best friend - her 18 year old neighbor - although he was not the father, stepped into the father figures shoes. They got married 2 years later.
Mom and dad, your love for me and each other GMH.


Last year, I was going to kill myself. I wrote a note and slipped it into my best friend's locker at school. That night, I was preparing to die, when she crawled through my window and kissed me. My first real kiss.

Kristain, I know you read GivesMeHope all the time. Will you marry me?


I posted a GMH story a couple weeks ago. In it, I proposed to my long time friend who helped me curve my desire to commit suicide.
She said yes.
We are getting married this summer.
Life is too precious to give up. Thanks, Kristain. Thank you for giving me life. GMH.

Awwwww all these stories GMH. =) =) =)

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