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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Today = ?

I'm not quite sure what to make of today.

For the first time in years, I found myself at Potong Pasir MRT. There's a reason I've made sure I haven't been there in so long. Case of the ex. I was afraid; I really was. I was trying not to cry, I was trying hard to walk - but I was mainly trying to overcome the demons of my past. I was thinking, bring it on. I was feeling, please, anywhere but here. I made it. It wasn't so bad, nothing I couldn't handle. I'm strong like that.

It's been six years, and I'm not 16 anymore.

Then I went to the city - not that it's very far - but I had 2 things to do there, a cheque to pick up and a camera to drop off, which my cousin left at my place on Sunday, and his office is right across the street from where I'd be.

I ended up getting so caught up with work while at StarBucks@Plaza on my laptop (netbook, whatever) that I forgot to eat or make any plans I was supposed to make until almost 4.00pm. I was reminded of one's need for food when my stomach reminded me with an angry, vicious growl, that it needed attention. I went for some pasta (have lunch by yourself, it's fun) then arranged to pick up my cheque (shut up, blogger, I spell it CHEQUE not CHECK) from City Hall and drop the camera off.

But alas, it was not to be. The camera could not be collected today, so I'd been lugging a huge DSLR + case around for nothing. But that's fine, there was money to be received. Until, of course, I went ALL THE WAY to the office, and just 2 minutes away, I received a call saying:
sorry, (director) left for a meeting and FORGOT to leave your cheque behind, maybe tomorrow?
I hope you weren't already on your way?


And it's not as if I had nothing else to do. I had plenty to do, and it was all for said office people who failed to give my me cheque today. How ironic.

Mum, Noelle and I just went out for a drink (pear cider is good) at Mel's Place, it's lovely to have such a nice bar just 5 minutes away from home.

Tomorrow shall be a better day. Brighter days ahead.


  1. Hey girlie, at least your day ended on a good note :-)

  2. Brighter days ahead!

    Seems so long ago when we first said that phrase to each other..