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Monday, May 10, 2010

with what's left

I got my first byline in a print,music publication! My review of Rock & Roots Festival came out in the May issue of Junk. Two more will be featured in the June issue, can't wait!

And I got news of more work coming in. I wish some of the money I'm owed would come in too. Boo.

One thing that has been annoying me is people arguing for the sake of arguing. Okay, I know it's cool to diss Shakespeare, and The Beatles, and everything in the whole world, but why don't we save our voices for issues that really matter? The Death Penalty, for example. Shanmugam has no idea what he's talking about.

Back to work. I like working on the Mac (laptop's in hospital till tomorrow) but it isn't mineeeee. I guess the best way to live is to not own anything and therefore never really lose anything. But there should always be a choice.


There's so little that is really mine - space, talent, person, object. It's like everything I own is free-for-all. This is increasingly true every day.

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