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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Football Feverrr

Completely wiped out mentally and am not going to do ANY work today. I shall have a weekend for the first time in a while!

Have been partying up at BeerFest, met lots of really cool people. Josh from New York Times (read: opportunity) and Regina who rocked out with me for Killer Queen, and a whole bunch of Mervyn's friends - we all had quite a wild time.

On the football front, Germany and England completely ruined me last night. Especially England. Fact: I can never spell especially right on the first try. Except for that most recent one, but that's because I was thinking about it. My mind knows how to spell it, my fingers don't.

It was fun to watch Germany at BeerFest, though, lots of German fans who sang lots of German songs. Deustschland, Deutschland!

Tonight Japan takes on Holland, I'm rooting for some Asian pride.

Flashback to 1998, remember Gabriel Batistuta? How can anyone not. Was reading up about him, he's a lovely family man who sings songs in Spanish to his wife when he scores. 4 sons. I'd like to meet him. Top striker in skill and sexiness.


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