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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

first of the gang

I've been having the ultimate Morrissey/The Smiths day. He does add to depression and a general state of melancholy, but in the most beautiful way.

Yesterday was a much better day than today. Spent hours exploring BooksActually, and bought an old skool vintage notebook, an old bus ticket, 3 pencils and 2 notebooks with quotes on them. I was also given a free postcard and a typewritten poem. This should keep me happy for weeks!

Coffee with the wifey and we stayed at Starbucks till almost midnight, long after they'd closed. <3

In the meantime here's some Mozzer/Marr:

Magistrates who spend their lives hiding their mistakes
They look at you and I and envy makes them cry

And if you must go to work tomorrow
Well if I were you I wouldn't bother
For there are brighter sides to life
And I should know because I've seen them
But not very often.

When you say it's gonna happen "now"
Well, when exactly do you mean ?
See I've already waited too long
And all my hope is gone.

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