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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Stupid Soccer Babes, and the men who come with

The 2010 FIFA World Cup is finally over.
My laptop is totally screwed up.
I got 2 job offers today.
And I can't sleep because my clock's all footballed out.

Exciting, yes?

Today I was watching reruns (okay fine, like the whole Netherlands Vs. Spain match) and they had a Justin & Vernon (DJs) show at Resorts World. I think it might have been filmed the night I was there. And they had 2 "soccer babes" with them, who obviously didn't know the first thing about football. And one of them, whatever his name is, said that they wouldn't ask the girls for the comments on the World Cup because they're girls and don't know anything about tactics, predictions or anything.

I thought this was going to a "well, that's what we thought too, but we were wrong!" thing, but no. They then proceeded to ask who the most handsome footballer was. Bloody hell. I was SO ANNOYED.

Those girls obviously knew nothing about football and were being made fools of by these guys. As much as girls like that annoy me (I don't mean girls who don't watch/understand football, I mean being stupid and thinking it's cute, ) I felt offended on their behalf - being made a complete fool of on TV. And for all the girls who DO understand football, I was equally insulted.

To make matters even worse, the stupid girl said Torres was the most handsome. Seriously? That's just as bad as the other "soccer babes" in the New Paper who chose Drogba and Ozil as ugliest. and DARED to choose Messi as hottest. Not just stupid but blind. Drogba is HOT and Ozil, he isn't the best-looking man in the world but he certainly isn't ugly. My list is SO much better. Only problem was we didn't have permission to use pictures so had to use facebook images, which aren't their best.

To all the men who make women look stupid for the amusement of others, and to all women who allow men to do that to them because they think they come across as cute, you make the world a worse place than it is. It is because of people like you that I sometimes wish I never have daughters.

Apparently, best looking. Not Casillas, not Ronaldo, but Messi.

Poor Ozil :( Don't you listen to what those stupid cows say, I think you're absolutely fine.

Oh, of course this man is ugly. WTF! HOTNESS, HELLoOo.


  1. I totally agree with you on the whole dumb girl thing. SO FRUSTRATING.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog today. Hope to see you around there again sometime. You've got a new follower in me. :)