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Sunday, August 1, 2010

exciting times ahead

Today was interesting, went for the 2nd Chance for Vui Kong event at Speakers' Corner, almost 200 people turned up. Would've been more if not for the rain. Alan Shadrake, author of Once a Jolly Hangman, was there. Had a chat with him too, he was brave and quite lovely.

M Ravi (Yong's lawyer) told us about how the poor boy spent 20 minutes examining every one of our faces when he was shown the picture we took at the 1st rally (see below). The prison wouldn't let him keep it, but he couldn't stop looking at it. Every one of us matters, and that is a humbling and inspiring fact.

Tomorrow I get a job counter-counter-offer and have a meeting with an editor who has an interest in my freelancing ways. Both are mucho exciting adventures.

Get angry. Shed tears. Create discomfort. Embrace disorder. Hold hands. Be independent. Keep fighting. Seek peace. Do something. Make change.

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