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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Fever when you turn out the lights

I'm not sure why this suddenly came about, but yesterday I suddenly had a fever so high you could fry an egg on my forehead. Not good. Fortunately it's the weekend.

Week 3 at work has been interesting. I'm still very confused about many things, mainly about the way things work (and how some people manage to get jobs), but I'm speaking up about it more now.

Creatives get to be touchy about their work, especially when it's tampered with by suits (Account Servicing people). Rule No. 1 - Thou shalt not touch my copy. If there's anything to be changed, I'll change it, if the change is justified.

Yesterday I almost had a panic attack watching my copy being vetted by 2 suits. "No one changes anything!" I cried in distress.

I think (I hope) I'm imparting the practice of me going through the copy if there's even the slightest change. Bad things happen if you don't.

You could just break the paragraph up and a word or letter accidentally gets deleted or lost. It's happened before, will happen again.

I could rant more, but instead I'll bring these issues up more. And the client told 'em all that the copy was really good.

Treacherous but hopeful times ahead.


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