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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

a scheduled schedule

Week 2 at the new job.
Sometimes it's good, sometimes I'm confused, sometimes I'm uncertain about the way things work.
I'm filling 2 roles, copywriter and Socia Media person (my colleague gets to be a Social Media Ninja so maybe I will be a Social Media Fairy Princess.) I'm a bit confused why I'm not considered a creative if I'm their copywriter, though? Ah well, stranger things have happened.

It's a bit crazy trying to manage my time between this job and freelance work. So far it's fine but once my youth begins to fail me and I can no longer be a super chipper on just 4 hours of sleep... oh how I dread that day!

What I like about this job is that it's fast, and sometimes exciting. Big fan of Social Media and seeing something you're working on instantly available - as opposed to a few days later in the papers or on TV - is refreshing. We'll see, we'll see.


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