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Monday, September 6, 2010

MCM 21 = The Educated Glamorous

Went for Ngee Ann Polytechnic's Mass Communication 21st Party. It was AWESOME.

So cool to catch up with people I haven't seen in years. The theme was Black & White and I wore a black dress and some insane earrings that were about as long as me. The were a huge hit, and many new friendships began with the line," hey, where are you earrings from?"

I love earrings.

We even met Wayne, who taught us Photojournalism. He used to call Fi, Charm and I the 3 Stooges. I'm not sure which one I was, though.

The whole event made me really glad to b a part of NP MCM. If I had a list of good decisions I've made in my life, going to MCM is definitely among the top of the list. My degree's got nothing on those precious 3 years.

Other news: it's been a month at work. I've even gotten paid.

Freelance news: I have so much money owed to me, it's almost not funny. Also, I should probably stop writing for free, but I only do it for album reviews. Because that's hardly work at all, it's just telling people what I think and getting published. It's all part of the long-term plan. Which includes certain music publications. It does not, however, include a house or a car.

Don't need those.

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