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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Heaven can't be on earth without you

18 May 1980 - Ian Curtis watched Stroszek. Then he put Iggy Pop's The Idiot on his turntable. He then went to the kitchen and hung himself.

19 May 1951 - Jeffry Hyman was born. Queens was never the same again, and neither was the world; Punk was born.

When Ian got to heaven they all danced danced danced danced danced to the radio.
And when Joey entered the gates, everyone cried, "Gabba! Gabba! We accept you, we accept you, one of us!"

And when I get there, Joey will welcome me with those same words. Then we'll dance with Ian to the radio. A divine radio, without the ads, only good music.

The world's a bit less wonderful without you.

Guess I'll have to break the news,
that I've got no mind to lose.
All the boys are in love with me,
I'm a teenage lobotomy.

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