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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Come together

Having an awesome time at Milestones flea market.

Last night was by far the best night of all - made $112 in profit and the bands were AWESOME. I took videos but have just discovered the one fault of my new phone - it wins the award for worst sound quality on any device, like, ever.

Rai from Jack & Rai was good, haven't seem them in a while anyway.

Finally saw West Grand Boulevard who are full of cute boys, one of whom dropped all his guitar picks without knowing it and I selflessly helped him collect the poor scattered picks and returned them to him - on condition that I could keep one for helping him out. In the end he came to my stall and bought a cd, hehe.

Goodfellas, they're amazing. So versatile and funny and talented.

Someone requested Poker face and the guy was like, what?! You seriously expect 6 guys to sing Lady Gaga... And then, they played it.

It was great, better than the original anyway, except that now I have p-p-p-poker face stuck in my head. And it doesn't look like it'll be leaving anytime soon. ARGH.

It got so bad I even downloaded the damn song to listen to it. And then to my horror discovered my scrobbler was on and it was on my last.fm charts. So it's like, The Clash, Joy Division, Talking Heads, Dead Kennedys, Lady Gaga, Rolling Stones, The Beatles. yup, fits right in.

Fortunately I deleted it in time and my $3 subscription assures me that no one visited my profile in that time. HAHAHA kill me p-p-p-pokerface p-p-p-please.

Approached the goodfellas last night and they're up for the Stand Up concert, yay! (Maybe they'll play p-p-p-pokerface.)

Tonight's the last night of fun and good music with my our new friends :(
But I'm so glad I did this, never mind the money made.
We were all saying how the $120 rent was like buying a ticket to a 5-day festival so even if we didnt make any money it'd be worth it.

Can't read my, can't read my, no he can't read my poker face
(She's got me like nobody)

Seriously, omg.

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