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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I left my heart in Phnom Penh

So tomorrow Toby and I head up to Lao.

It's been sad thinking about leaving here. It really is a home away from home.
Said bye to the kids at school and they were sad, some ran out to buy me lollypops and one gave me her bracelet which is really nice. I cried in front of everyone! But, not goodbye, but till we meet again.

Last night had a big night out at Heart of Darkness with Tiny, Ben, Jacko and Toby - my boys! Lots of fun, will miss them lots and lots. Told Jacko I was leaving for a month or two and he said, that's AGES! And it is. But well, here's to new places. And good travel company. =)

Some of my students and I =)

Me and my moskito boys (and I'm not winking, my eye is being squished by Ben's nose)

Ben & Jacko in our tuk-tuk home

Toby and I in our tuk-tuk to the Russian Market

Last night hanging out at Same Same for a while =(

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  1. hee hee hee you and toby are sooooooooooo cute. hee.