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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Oh so tired

I didn't know doing restaurant reviews could be so tiring.
I know it's a wonderful job perk but 4 reviews in 3 days is a bit much.
Stop giving me free food and wine, please! I'm actually serious.

Today I went to Timbre for a review, which is funny because I could write a whole essay about Timbre without bothering to go there, but a communication breakdown that had nothing to do with me led to it being postponed.

How they thought I was there to interview a chef remains a mystery to me. Why an appointment was set up during a huge private function is also beyond me. Let's just say it wouldn't have happened if I'd been the one setting these things up. But I was glad it was postponed - I was thinking, if I'm served another cocktail, glass of wine or pint of beer, I'm leaving. I really am. They offered me a glass of water or a soft drink. I <3 Timbre.

So today I sadly came home with 4 reviews to write, events to compile and organisers to chase for images and promos, silently resenting my work for keeping me home on a Friday night. And then my editor emails me and says, it can all wait till Monday, it's Friday night! Go out, enjoy yourself. In no time at all I was out the door and on my way to Friday night festivities.

Yesterday I reviewed Toucan Irish Pub, really nice place. Had some misadventures at Duxton Hill. But all is good now, I guess some sort of mayhem is sometimes a good way to break the ice.

And then today it was to Em by the River at Gallery Hotel, haven't been there in a long time. Love the atmosphere. I've been attending these reviews with colleagues but as none were available and it's fun to use work perks to take people out for free, I brought my cousin. Wasn't aware that she was babysitting and we had a child with us. A one-year-old, really. It was okay for the most part - other times I wanted to find a hole to hide in. Like when he put his hand up the Marketing Executive's skirt.

When I first arrived I was looking out for the marketing exec. and I saw a girl at the bar but assumed it wasn't her because she saw me obviously looking for someone and didn't approach me. Turn out it was her. I suppose I'm used to people expecting someone a bit more corporate in situations like these. I get my kicks either way.

I just wonder why I'm never informed of important things. If I'm supposed to meet someone, and that person can't make it and another colleague comes instead, shouldn't I be told about this beforehand? Yesterday at the pub.

If the place I'm sent to review requires a proposal, that would be useful information to have as well. Proposed review at 7atenine.

If there's a new addition to my food tasting group, it would be nice to know in advance as well. Just today.

Mobile phones are yours and they want nothing more than to be used, dammit.

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