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Sunday, September 26, 2010

cars speeding like snails

Breaking News: I got published in my first serious magazine for grown ups. I wrote an article about Generation Y and how we see the world, what we want from it and how Generation X has affected, and continues to affect, the state the world is in.

I got a 2-page spread! My byline is really nice and prominent too. This is exciting.
You're gonna go far, kid.

Yesterday was the start of Banned Books Week.

I have selected my book. It's unspeakable. Well, it is here, and in India, and as SR's head is very much wanted in most Muslim countries...It's funny because I'm sure most of the haters never read the book. It's just like Dan Brown's DaVinci Code. The whole Catholic church was outraged by the blasphemy, and I know for a fact some of those who spoke out strongly against it never picked up the book.

In the spirit of Banned Books Week, I'm going to write an essay on the difference between Freedom of Speech and Freedom. There are lines - there always have to be - and this opinion was challenged by 2 Americans about a week ago.

I don't think it says much about people when they get great pleasure from feeling some sort of victory by trying to discredit the opinion of someone half their age, especially when said young person is arguing her point against 4 people. But sometimes - often - being the underdog is the best place to be.

It's amusing when people assume I am young therefore don't know anything. About politics, the world, history, music, books, everything. It's usually best to just let them be. You're the bigger person when you don't feel the need to announce your victories. That's victory, y'know? And rather gratifying as well.

On with reading a very challenging (and challenged) book. I have my book and notes ready. You and me, Mr. Rushdie, let's go.

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