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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Day 11 - Phnom Penh: Sam & the Storm

Until today, my timing was all out of sorts. I thought it was Day 12 - it's actually Day 11. I thought Home was an hour behind - it's an hour ahead. So I've sorted out my posts and my phone.

In the morning I got some breakfast and Somala (Lucky) was reaching out to get the tray from the next hostel, and his phone fell into the water. And he has no money to buy another one, and it fell into the river because of me. Can't put into words the look on his face.

Met Sam Flint - a guy from London who works with Roland. He's 30 and is the director of Anjali foundation. We have a lot in common in terms of views of Volunteering, gap trips, NGOs and everything.

Showed him my work.
He looked me in the eye and I said, I'm honestly very impressed.
And I blushed like a little girl.

Got a call from Uncle Roland - do you have any plans for dinner tomorrow? There's someone Id like you to meet. Hang on, Ro, let me check my schedule.

Came back and Somala asked me for the song I was playing last night and if I could play it again.Imagine, by John Lennon. I told him the story and what the words meant, how John was killed, what he fought for.

When I came back, he had Imagine on repeat.

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  1. Enjoy your dinner with H.E. Roalnd Eng and the surprise guest. Love you girlie and missing you so much too. Mobz and Dodgy and Bakz also missing you.