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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Brand old new

Had a long but great day today - went to Novena with mum and dad, we went early coz mum had no class today.

Went for breakfast and saw this lovely sight - 2 kids from the drink stall hanging out with these 2 men drinking beer. They were so cute we couldn't resist taking pictures.

Headed to parkway where I renewed my contract with Singtel and got.........

wait for it.......

A new phone!

Yes, it's shocking but true, I have a new phone and do not have to use the one borrowed from my wife (or the old school one from mum) anymore! Yay!

And because I have a contract to renew, I got it for free.

Isn't she pretty? Too pretty to be brought to Cambodia.

Went to parkway to meet the wife who had an event nearby, spent like an hour in cotton on and went for bubble tea which reminded me very much of school days.

I finally made it down to Food#03 for dinner (instead of just Soup Kitchen every monday) and the food's really good. Talked to Tien & Jennifer about the Stand Up concert merch and they're up for it - yay!

Met Juan before heading down to Prince of Wales - it's been a long time. Lots of backpackers about and it really made me miss the road - but seeing some of them looking rather lonely made me realise I was there with my friends and damn glad for it.

Fi had to leave early but Juan and I stayed and chatted over cheap beer and good music. We're both in similar situations in life, but different (haha Same Same but Different).

Tomorrow's my meeting with the folks from ONE Singapore, can't wait!

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  1. W0w Rett, that's a hot looking new phone you have. Oh & the photo of the girl holding the boy is adorable. Good thinking taking that pictire.