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Thursday, July 9, 2009

In Siam Reap

Arrived in Siam Reap today - it's a beautiful place. Really different from Phnom Penh and not at all what I expected. We're staying at this place called Number 10 Guest House which is pretty near to the exciting areas but a bit far away. Mervyn and I found another one which is 100m away from Pub Street, a street full of cafes and pubs and we move there tomorrow.

Today we headed to the National Museum - a room of 1,000 Buddhas and galleries explaining the history of Cambodia and Angkor Wat. Tomorrow we begin our journey through the temples of Angkor Wat - three days and $40 but I'm thinking it'll be worth it.

Today didn't start of very well - last night in Phnom Penh one of the tuk-tuk drivers offered to get his friend to pick me up as he needed work. I said fine, but last I heard from him he showed me a message from his friend saying he wasn't in Siam Reap at the moment so I took that to mean he couldn't pick me up. Was planning to get a driver off the street, as one would normally do, but Mervyn said he'd get someone from the gust house he'd checked into to pick me up for free.

When I got off the bus, though, there was this guy waiting for me, sent by the Phnom Penh guy. I explained what happened but he was really upset and called his friend on the phone, who I spoke to and was really upset with me too. I felt so bad, but what could I do?

Spent a few hours feeling awful but words from Mervyn and mum made me realise it's really not my fault. Anyway, Tom (my Cambodian friend who everyone thinks is my boyfriend) told me that he's bad news and to stay away from him.

On a brighter note, last night Tom took me to this place that only locals know about - a jug of beer for $2, imagine that! We met some of his friends there and I had to sit there and smile while they teased him about me in a language I don't understand. But well, boys will be boys. When I get back to Phnom Penh he wants to bring me to his home town which is really rural and I''m really looking forward to that.

Some commotion at the guest house now about some stolen stuff so I'm off to bed.

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  1. yeay, for a change the stolen stuff is not yours.