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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Of Music and Madness

So we've been soaking in the music scene here with lots of gigs. This weekend was Buzzcocks and Midnight juggernauts.

Most awesome thing ever. I was right at the front of the mosh pit, the crowd was good and not too violent (perhaps coz they were all old, like the band) and I got a very cool tee. We also managed to steal a ticket stub (didn't have any coz we bought online) so I was happy enough with that.

And THEN. The gig ends and I'm thinking I'll try and find them for an autograph and perhaps a chat. Waited around the back exit and the front but no sign of them. So we headed back inside and the girl at the merch stand who I bought the shirt from said she wasn't sure but would try to get my cd (which I brought just in case) signed. Then I had the brilliant, devious idea of telling her that I came all the way from Singapore to see the Buzzcocks. That changed everything and, of course she'd help, and my cd was taken backstage.

After a minute of sneakily prowling around the door, the bouncer waved me in with a slightly amused expression and... I met the Buzzcocks! When they (Pete Shelley and Steve Diggle) asked, I tried to lessen the severity of my lie by saying that I was thinking of heading to Brisbane anyway but confirmed my trip after hearing they would be playing there.

They were wonderful and lovely and Toby reckons they were excited to have a sweet young thing sneaking backstage - it's probably been awhile since they had groupies.

Very, very cool night.

Midnight Juggernauts

Headed to Hi-Fi Bar with Toby's friend John and his 2 friends. I was most excited about the opening act: Cut Off Your Hands, a band Shila and I discovered in Tokyo SummerSonic. They've changed a lot but were still great and played my favourite songs too.

Midnight was good too but the tiredness of Buzzcocks excitement was catching up with me. =/

Yesterday was a day of many misadventures but the good points were: 1. Yi Han cooked lunch for me at his place. 2. met some of Toby's friends at a Bbq.

So it's all good as of now. =)

On the way to some Buzzcocks action!


Steve Diggle

In case you weren't sure it was Spring Street you were on.

Some kids who amazed with their violin/cello skills.

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  1. I did not bother asking on Facebook how you met the Buzzcocks because I knew I would get to read it here at some point and I was correct. =) Great story. Your such a lil' liar. LOL