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Saturday, February 6, 2010

So much for that

Yi Han is back!

Spent the morning (I actually woke up at 8am, 3-4 hours earlier than usual. It's the insomnia that keeps me up till 5 or 6am every night. Well, morning. But today I forced myself to arise from my slumber.) finishing up some work. It went rather smoothly, and then I was off to meet the boy.

I showed him around all the new developments in town like ION and 313, although I must admit I was quite a useless tour guide as my reply to every question was, "erm, dunno". It's true I'm a tourist in Orchard these days. I guess I'm only good at pointing out pretty things.

Hung out at Starschmucks, the weather was perfect coffee weather. Rain and all.
And thanks to him I know have that awful song by RuPaul stuck in my head.

Found a nice new place (well, new to me) at City Hall - Japanese coffee place which for some reason is called MOF. Asking for trouble if you ask me. Shila had arrived by then and we had conversations about our futures, politics, the old man who won't leave, lots of fascinating stuff.

Meant to get more work done tonight but it's almost 4am and I haven't done a thing.

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