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Thursday, April 15, 2010

It's Been 22 Years And I'm Still In Love With Alice

Yesterday, while moping about being depressed about the magazine, I decided that this day would be the day I'd finally watch a movie alone in a cinema. Been meaning to catch Alice in Wonderland and it was my last chance, there are no more screenings today.

So I did. With almost the whole cinema to myself at 2.15pm, I entered wonderland in 3D. It really was exciting - the movie in general was a bit disappointing though, from what I've come to expect from Tim Burton. Too much violence and not enough wonder. Johnny Depp was brilliant as usual, though, as was Anne Hathaway. She was so strange and I loved it.

After the movie I went to starbucks before I was meant to head to Marina Oriental hotel across the road for drinks with my cousins. But I began to read Huxley's Island and after the first line, there was no leaving anytime soon.

First line of the book: "Attention," a voice began to call, and it was though an oboe had suddenly become articulate.

An articulate oboe! Oh, Mr. Huxley, I've missed you so.

Eventually emerged from wonderland and went to meet the cousins in this superglam place, Morton's Martini Bar. My Godpa (he's the oldest cousin and I'm the youngest) paid for the whole bill and upon sneaking a peek at it I burst into tears and tried to contribute to some of it. I knew it would be a lot, but I wasn't expecting a 4-figure bill for a few hours of drinks. I couldn't comprehend spending in half a night more than what I earn in a full month.

He said that one day when I'm successful I can do the same for his kids. I said that success doesn't mean I'll have money, and what if I'm always poor? He said as long as if I could, I would, that counts too. Perhaps I should plan to have some of my posthumous wealth set aside for them.

I guess while it would be lovely to splurge on your loved ones eventually, small things are sometimes the biggest. I still remember the feeling I had when I bought mum and dad a nice dinner a month after I was first properly employed. I'm pretty sure I always will.

Money is a scary, scary thing.
I cannot imagine earning so much money. And I wouldn't actually want to.
I'll choose having just enough money to spend on a new record/concert ticket/haircut and that becoming the biggest joy in my whole life because I didn't think I could afford it over having so much money that everything eventually becomes worthless. I'd be afraid of too much money and the power that comes with it.

What's that coming over the hill, is it a monster,
Is it a monster?

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